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wow, that site is great Doug! thanks for sharing the info. I will definitely be contacting these guys as I actually have another project I'd like them to work on for my Arturia Origin Synth.

My only concern with the Eventide is that the overlay is one single piece, which includes the protective cover on the LCD display. The entire overlay appears to be made of some thick plastic type material, where it becomes completely translucent only in the area where the LCD display is.It is then attached to the front metal plate with some adhesive.

This all could have been alot easier if Eventide would just sell me a 7500 or Orville replacement overlay. It's not like im looking to trick or fool anyone by selling this unit as something it's not. I just want it to look good (new) again in my studio.

I'll contact those guys in the UK and see what they can do. If not, I'll definitely get with you on doing an original or custom overlay. Would actually be cool to do a completely different color scheme look for the 7000.