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Hi Nick

The basic problem I am having (and i guess overall flaw) with the unit, is if I'm running block A (say phaser) into block B (say vintage delay) when increasing the wet mix on block B there is an drop in volume at the final outputs of the block A effect signal.

I know this sort of sounds normal, but it means the overall volume output at the main outputs drops as block B gets a wetter mix. In a guitar stomp box you can alter the amount of effect depth from 0% to 100% without the volume altering at the main output, but with this set up in the Eclipse you cannot it seems.

I think what is happening at block B mix is rather than block B effect being added to the signal passing through from block A, is that block B effect is actually replacing the signal passing through from block A.

Any suggestions?

Apart from this issue, I am impressed with the unit :o)