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After the recent bus error issue, I just picked up my unit a couple of days back when it came back from servicing. It worked fine for the first few days. I even managed to get some of mixes done, using it for long hours.

Now, suddenly the unit displays a white screen after a couple of minutes of being turned on.

Some of the random stuff which happened,

i) The level meters initially showed some weird blotch of LED's turned on.
ii) The screen would dim it self.
iii) The switching noise you hear when you press bypass pops up everytime before it conks out.

I managed to get it to work for about 10mins today morning, before the issue started popping up again.

It boots up fine. I tried all the methods Nick posted earlier in this thread (Resetting, removing memory card etc.) I even tried different power supplies.

I guess my only option is to send it back again. Will be returning it to the dealer tomorrow.