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I've just confirmed it works as intended though does have some superfluous modules.  This one is a little cleaner and has an audio input plugged into two of the switch inputs:

HEADM adc 2 2 iswitchL-out iswitchL-out Empty Empty 1 menupage-obj ;=0,0,100,0
C_COUNTER switchSelectCtr switchCntIncrMrg-out switchCntResetM-out 1 3 ;=425,175,100,0
TRIGGER switchCntReset Reset reset ;=300,500,100,0
TEXTTRIGGER switchCntTextTrg 4 switchSelectCtr-out "input 1" "input 2" "input 3" "input 4" ;=300,400,100,0
C_MERGE switchCntResetM 2 switchSelectCtr-timeout switchCntReset-out ;=300,175,100,0
C_MERGE switchCntIncrMrg 3 switchCntResetM-out switchCntTextTrg-out switchCntReset-out ;=300,275,100,0
ISWITCH iswitchL 4 switchSelectCtr-out adc-in1 adc-null adc-in1 adc-null ;=425,25,100,0
MENUPAGE menupage menupage menupage 2 switchCntTextTrg-obj switchCntReset-obj ;=725,400,100,0

By pressing Select on the first item in the menu, and listening to the output, I can tell that the ISwitch is switching between the 4 inputs.  Not much more to it than that – it does work.