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That is the "HD" 8000?   I thought it was called tjust "H" 8000.

Also, can the unit be used to monitor as converters on the way out?  So meaning optical out from my crappy m-audio project mix to use the 8000 as a converter for the Way out too (D  back to A for the monitors).

Can the 7600 be used like this too? 

And I noticed that the 7600 does not have sample demos.   But does it have those same effects as on the 8000 "hear it" page where that guys voice sounds like a monster in some presets (especially the second last preset).

I was told to buy a 7600 since i am only using two channel at  a time but i just realized i might need an 8000 because one or two channels might have to be used for the vocalist live…. but how would this work as stereo for him if he only has one microphone? 

far too many questions left for me.