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Doesn't look like the screenshot got posted…

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "small steps" or "tiny chops".  Are you trying to further subdivide the beat, or do you want to use a range of the steps in the sequencer?  It almost sounds to me like you want to sample something and then chop it up…

The Harmonizer sequencer is independent of any rhythmic beat or subdivision.  You choose any step in the sequencer by sending a signal to the input on the sequencer at a particular time.  If you only want to play some steps, limit the input to the range of those steps.  This may not seem to be so good at first, but this gives you tremendous flexibility!  The sequencer itself doesn't limit you to how you choose what step to play, it will play anything in any order you specify with the controls earlier in the signal chain.

As for learning how to program effects, I think the best way is to look at the effects programs that are already in the Harmonizer.