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here is a link to the picture of the sequencer since wide pictures dont post properly on here.

That looks interesting…  Sort of like a wave table…  I have a copy of Reaktor around here somewhere, maybe after I release the next version of my own software I'll take the time to play with it…

i just mean subdivisions of the modulation signal rhythmically within the step.   how else can i explain myself? why is this incompatible or inapplicable any step in set of steps? why is the sequencer independent of rhythmic beats when music is based on rhythm?  it has to be in sync with rhythm… otherwise why even use it???

The sequencer module in the Harmonizer is a building block, not a complete sequencer.  As I said in my last message, this may not seem to be good, but it opens up a lot of possibilities!  You have to think of using the Harmonizer sequencer module as part of a bigger sequencing system.  Other parts of that system control synchronization, speed, direction, step choice, etc.  In a programming sense, the Harmonizer sequencer module is an array of values with a method that outputs a selected value when triggered.

Is the sequencer not a modulation source to be assignable to any modulation destination?  Why can we not keep this simple?

In a sense, Eventide DID keep it simple!  The sequencer module itself is VERY simple, which means that you can do a lot more things with it than with a more complicated sequencer like the one you mentioned previously…