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Ok, well a more severe issue (aside from the fatal reboot errors)  at this point is that the Tempo does not save with the preset.  I modded my presets to sound exactly like I want to a tempo i want and the tempos did not save.

What good are such amazing FX if the utility in this machine is not flexible?  In my axe FX I can choose whethr I want the tempo to be "per preset" or  "global".

If I switch to a certain preset live that is at a wrong global tempo – this will be somewhat unpleasing to spectators.

In addition, on some effects – a tempo change simply has no effect.  so if I want to have a custom sequencer coming in (either the one I am hiring somebody for – or an external one sending incoming CC data) , on the effects which are based on numerical cycles rather than relative rhythmical ones, is there more of an intuitive way to make the cycle ones fixed to rhythmical resolutions?  Because my incoming sequencer cannot be that intelligent to know which portion of the cycle to stop at so that its rhythmic… same if I use a pedal – to – rate that is not rhythmically-based resolution.   

I will stop there assuming you know what I am talking about.