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E.M Pulinx:

As I understand,the card given with the machine is only made to store  user Prgs ;his capacity is too small to make a update.

Not true – the largest upgrade is less than 10M due to the wonders of compression, the smallest cards we have ever sent with H8000 were maybe 16M (probably now 32M or 64M).

E.M Pulinx:

In order to make an upgrade,we have to buy a blank compact flash card  between 1 or 2 GB, correct ?

Again, not correct.

E.M Pulinx:

Is it possible then to extract  the 32 MB from   the silver adaptor furnished with the machine , and to put in the 2GB card  ,or is it not possible and have we  to  buy another adaptor ?

If you needed to do this, you certainly could. But, as above, probably not necessary.