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Um, I hate to state the obvious here, but in the original post, you talked about having sound come out of the 4 analog outputs, but noise coming out the digital outputs, right? You do have the digital outputs plugged into an interface or digital-analog convertor, don't you? If you plug the digital outs into an analog input, all you'll get is noise, which is what you're experiencing. Again, I hate to state the obvious, so forgive me if this isn't the case.

BTW, glad you didn't fry your H8000 by plugging it's output into an input that had phantom power on it. You're lucky… you'll want to be very careful with phantom power. It always needs to be turned off before plugging in or unplugging anything. It's way too easy to fry a microphone that way, even a mic that requires phantom power, not to mention what it can and usually will do to a digital processor.