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Greetings from Finland!

It seems my last reply did not get here. Is it so that the 'quick reply' is not visible in this thread or did I do something wrong?

Back to the point…I have exactly the same problem as dsmbennett has described. Last night I found myself once again stuggling with the volume levels between few presets. I love the unit and really hope that I could be able to find solution to this problem.

So, my problem is similar as stated above. Lets simplify this a bit:  I have two distorted rythm guitar presets and two distorted lead guitar presets. Of these four presets, one rythm and one lead preset is completely dry and two are wet with i.e. delay. The volume levels of these presets are uneven. The volume level of the dry presets are 2 – 4 dB higher than the wet presets which is not good.

In other words, how am I able to get the volume levels even? As stated earlier in the thread, there is no way to increase the gain of the presets to +dB's. Thus, I am left with only the option of reducing the level of the dry presets, which is not an solution as there is this short lack in the preset change during which the volume level is momentarily higher. 

My amp is Diezel VH4 and the Eclipse is connected into serial loop with XLR-to-1/4" cables. There is no other units in the chain.

Any advices are highly appreciated. Thank you.