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Thank you for your help with all the questions I had back then. I feel a little bad because I seem quite pushy in my posts…so I hope ya'll will forgive my rudeness.

Well, I've been down the G-System road and decided ultimately that it wasn't for me after a year and a half. I felt a little limited with some of the ins and outs of their system, though the effects were good. I had looked at the H7600 and H8000 and decided that since the MIDI Virtual Racks seemed like all I'd use, that the G-system was going to provide that in one package.

I've been seriously considering the Eclipse now and I was curious about the preset switching latency times. I know they are there, but I was wondering if I switched between two presets that used the exact same algorithms but with different settings, if there was a delay in switching between those presets, or if the Eclipse reloads the entire algorithm all over again?

I wanted to find out because I've been thinking of building a MIDI switching system for my rack and I wanted to sort of plan out how I was going to incorporate my Eventide effects…whether or not I needed to add a separate MIDI foot controller to select different presets and then use my main foot controller to control whether it is in my FX loop.

BTW, I have been extremely happy with my Eventide Mod Factor. I replaced quite a bit of analog effects pedals with it and I've been pleased with the diversity and quality of the effects in that box. [Although I do kind of miss that Wurlitzer style vibrato from one of my old pedals…*hint*hint*]