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Just a guess, but it sounds like a problem with your computer, specifically the web browser. ASPX files (I think that's what you meant in your first post) should be read by your browser. Typically, these are translated by the browser into web pages or links to files for download (among other things).

If possible, you might want to try using a different computer. Also, don't right-click and select "save as" (or the like)… instead, just click the link as normal. If it then prompts you to save an ASPX file, it's definitely a problem with your browser.

Anyway, just a thought… I could be wrong, but all the manuals I've seen from Eventide are in PDF format, which led me to think the problem's with your computer and not the Eventide site or the files you're trying to download. What you said about the download stopping at 0kb was another clue. Hope this helps…. If not, you might want to contact Eventide support.