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(NOTE: discussed in email, but figured I should post something here as well.)

Personal opinion:  If you let the lack of E-Control stop you from purchasing an H8000FW, I think you'll miss out on a truly great effects unit…

That said, I don't own Pro Tools, so I won't be making an RTAS plugin, at least not for the first version.  I have been primarily a Mac guy for audio apps and I use
DP and Logic.  I also have a PC, but so far the only application I have
for that is Reaper.  As time goes on, I hope to add other applications to develop with, including Pro Tools.

At the moment, my remote control application is completely stand-alone.  That is, you start it up as a separate application and it communicates with the Harmonizer directly.  After I get that program working well and published, I will start adding features.  Making a plugin is a goal of mine.