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      Now is a good time to buy the H8000FW, the dollar is very low (good for us who have another currency), however, there still seem to be no software solution to control the device with your daw, This is a huge problem for me, cause in year 2011 you  control everything from software interface it open up so many possibilities and it would save a lot of headaches for sure. H8000FW is a good product, but without the software intregation with your DAW you get very limited… 

      and does it work with Pro tools 9 yet ?

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      I agree that a software interface would open up many possibilities, and I have been writing a program that will control the H8000FW remotely.  I got a little sidetracked in the last months because I was able to start testing my software with an Eclipse.  My hope is to be able to control both units via software.

      The H8000FW is a great unit!  I think you should get one and start learning how to use it now.  It will take you a long time to explore all the patches and get used to what it can do.  Hopefully, by the time you learn how the unit works, I will be able to deliver the software to control it remotely.  If you wait for the software before you buy the unit, I think you'll miss out on a lot of great sounds…

      By the way, are you using a PC or a Mac?



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      …. does it work with Pro tools 9 yet ?

      According to the Air Users Blog Hardware Compatabilty checker, yes it does work with PT9…..

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      Deciding on purchasing a H8000FW but since Eventide will not offer E-Control I might go to a different unit. How does your 3rd party e-control work? Does it work through RTAS???

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      (NOTE: discussed in email, but figured I should post something here as well.)

      Personal opinion:  If you let the lack of E-Control stop you from purchasing an H8000FW, I think you'll miss out on a truly great effects unit…

      That said, I don't own Pro Tools, so I won't be making an RTAS plugin, at least not for the first version.  I have been primarily a Mac guy for audio apps and I use
      DP and Logic.  I also have a PC, but so far the only application I have
      for that is Reaper.  As time goes on, I hope to add other applications to develop with, including Pro Tools.

      At the moment, my remote control application is completely stand-alone.  That is, you start it up as a separate application and it communicates with the Harmonizer directly.  After I get that program working well and published, I will start adding features.  Making a plugin is a goal of mine.

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      I just looked into the RTAS thing a bit.  Seems that Avid is fairly picky about who they let develop RTAS plugins.  At this point, I don't see myself going through the hassle since I don't use Pro Tools.  (It's going to date me, but I'm actually still a PARIS guy…)

      The good news is that FXpansion (the BFD developer) makes a VST to RTAS adapter, so I can just worry about the VST side of things, and if you need to stick with Pro Tools, you should be able to use that adapter to run my plugin.

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      Hi Doug,

      glad to see you back at work on your important projects. Many great expectations from you 🙂

      best wishes,


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      I just noticed that E-Control page is no longer available. Can anyone else get that page to load, on the Eventide Products list. Seems strange. Eventide, please could you give us an update on this. Thanks. Waiting patiently but it is wearing thin indeed 🙂

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      Avid has let Eventide develop plugs  for PT and there's a beta version of EC that's been out already which you can view on "You Tube"!  What's the real reason for not releasing the E-Control RTAS plug????

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      I just noticed that E-Control page is no longer available.

      A lot of the product pages don't load when you're here in the forum.  There seems to be a different menu system on the main Eventide Audio Division page.  One link points to a "Harmonizers" directory and the other points to "Harmonizer Effects Processors".  Hopefully the moderators will see this, but I'll drop Nick an email just in case…

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      Hi Doug, Yes I noticed that issue when trying to look at those pages from within the forum so thanks for confirming it. But what I was really pointing to was the fact that if you browse straight to the eventide website from let's say a new fresh browser then go to their Audio products page, and the E-Control page has completely gone.

      I don't mean to speculate but it certainly seems to indicate that Eventide have pulled the plug on any plugin for now, although who knows how long or if they ever will release one.

      So it looks like you are our only hope, for which I and others here for sure will be entirely grateful. 🙂 While on the topic, how is the standalone controller coming along? Would it not be possible to release the PC version initially and then complete the Mac version, or are you nearing completion of the Mac version as well.

      Anyway thanks again and keep up the great work 🙂


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      Well, since I'm primarily a Mac (and Linux) developer, I've done my main work on the Mac, so that will be the first release.  I've been working on the GUI parts on the PC, but I haven't sorted out the serial communications yet…

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