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Hi Doug, Yes I noticed that issue when trying to look at those pages from within the forum so thanks for confirming it. But what I was really pointing to was the fact that if you browse straight to the eventide website from let's say a new fresh browser then go to their Audio products page, and the E-Control page has completely gone.

I don't mean to speculate but it certainly seems to indicate that Eventide have pulled the plug on any plugin for now, although who knows how long or if they ever will release one.

So it looks like you are our only hope, for which I and others here for sure will be entirely grateful. 🙂 While on the topic, how is the standalone controller coming along? Would it not be possible to release the PC version initially and then complete the Mac version, or are you nearing completion of the Mac version as well.

Anyway thanks again and keep up the great work 🙂