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Home Forums Products Rackmount When will H8000 Save audio samples to card? Reply To: When will H8000 Save audio samples to card?


Hi David, 

While as a matter of policy, we do not comment on current
development projects until formal release announcements are made (these are
done on eventide.com), we do not have immediate plans to add audio saving
capability to the simpsamp module, but will add this to the list of feature
requests which are considered for future upgrades.

With respect to the way the H8000FW has been marketed, it is
in no way presented as the end all be all sampler, rather it is an effects
processor first and foremost, which also allows audio to be sampled internally
and manipulated as one of its myriad of features. We make no claims
that the H8000 has multi-voice sampling capabilities or suggest that it should be used as an
alternative to a keyboard or software-based sampler
 .  If sampling is your
primary objective, there are plenty of programs and keyboards out there that offer full featured
sample creation, manipulation, and playback of sound files.

We hope that somewhere in its 1800 programs that you have
found useful and creative effects processing to justify your purchase.
Furthermore, we hope that the inability to store samples in this particular module will not preclude you
from finding the H8000FW to be an exceptional effects processor and creative
tool which many owners are quite fond of.

Best Regards,