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      I was just wondering when it might be possible to save audio samples to the card?
      I noticed there is a save audio option but it does not work 😛

      If you need the whole post from the eventidehelps forum it is here….
      (Though it is probably not necessary I put it here for internet manners:)

      >Posted by Italo De Angelis (Message #16757)
      >Hi Sodar
      >I don't think the H8000Fw currently saves audio samples w/the preset.
      >You can check that at saving time: the display shows you the amount of
      >memory available (SPACE) and the needed memory to store the preset.
      >The NEEDED field always shows 7.0K.


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       There is no information currently available about this, unfortunately.

      kind regards

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      Is there anyone I might be able to talk to about when this feature might be added?
      The H8000's sampling capabilities are part of the reason I decided to get the unit…..
      (well one of many reasons:)
      After growing up with hardware samplers….. the ability to save a sample is something I kind of take for granted 😛

      Also, I know I saw something listed in the product info which declared the H8000 had the ability to do this.

      I am not upset really…. I just keep thinking about how useful this function would be
      I like the idea of samples and patches co-existing 🙂

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      Hi Eventideathon,

      Our engineers regularly check our forums for customer feedback so I can assure that your request has been noted. We can't provide information as to when requests are fulfilled as the engineers schedules vary over time, but please be assured that we do listen. I was unable to find on the H8000FW product page that this feature is possible, so if you can find this please let me know.

      Happy holidays!

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      I bought an Eventide H7600 to use it as a sampler + effects unit. I can't save recorded samples on the CF card… Is it posible to save samples on a CF card now on 2011? After power off and on the unit? tell me yes because I'm going to suicide if not……

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      Hi, I've been able to save audio with sampler presets to CF, and it's been always working when reloading  the sampler preset.

      If I remember correct, I started experimenting with sampler presets after I installed the latest software version. 

      I think one must enable "save audio" setting in the sampler module to make it work.



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      Thanks for your fast response! I'm going to install the last update 5.51.

      Another thing related to the sampler, how do you make it sound polyphonic? adding two or more sampler modules in Vsig is not possible, it says "too much sampler ram" when you send it to the machine. How can I make it sound like a drum machine with 16 voices?

      And a last thing, what is the CF card maximum capacity that the H7600 can effort? it will work right with a 64 or 128 Gb CF card or it will read it slowly?

      Thanks in advance!!

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      Eventide Staff

      The "big" sampler is limited to stereo. You could also look at the SIMPSAMP module, which has less features but allows more channels.

      Not sure what the limit of CF card size is on the 7600 – we don't have a figure for it. I would try to keep the card size below 4 or 8G myself – I could envisage problems with very big one.

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      The "big" sampler module can't play 3 or 4 samples simultaneously? I can't use it like my Akai S3000XL for sampling drums, voices and synths and play them from midi?

      I don't need individual outputs for each sample, what I need is polyphony. The "simpsamp" module is not usefull for me because don't have pitch and timestretch.

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      Eventide Staff

      The module is stereo only. But, as long as you keep the total delay below the maximum of 173 secs at 48K, you should be able to have two instances of the module, giving you 4 channels.

      Note that we have not tested this – it should work, but ….

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      Eventide Staff

      I was mistaken about not having tried this, "5224 Studio Sampler_Q" is an example. Can't seem to get beyond 4 channels, though.

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      Great!!!! It works!!! I can have all the samplers I want if the total of all the max delaytime is not more than 174 seconds. Thank you everybody!!!!! I'm new here and I love to see that this support forum is super fast and usefull!!!!!!!!!!!! And a last thing, I don't know how you have created those high quality algorythms, but this machine makes me goosebumps when I listen to it. THANKS!

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      It just accepts two "sampler" modules as you say, but it can be used together with the "simpsamp" module.

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      Eventide Staff

      They use different resources so they can coexist. The simpsamp uses delay memory, which is limited to about 44 seconds at 48k.

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      Please clarify one thing to me, do not know if I understand correctly. When I ask you for polyphony, you answer me talking about "4 channels", do you refer to them like polyphony voices? are you telling that if I pan a sample to the left and another to the right they will sound on separate voices?

      This sampler is really great and complex, but I don't understand what was the idea to do it just monophonic with a maximum of two voices for every preset?

      What is the best way to get a 8 voice sampler in one H7600 preset? Is it posible?

      And where can I find a "simpsamp" helpfile? there's nothing about it on the manual or Vsig help.

      Sorry for my english.

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      Eventide Staff

      The sampler acts like a tape machine, with each instance handling up to 2 channels (stereo). Presumably you could use two instances of the module, with most of the inputs and controls driven together, so it would record two copies of the material. Then for playback, you could have 4 tracks of the same material, which would give you the polyphony you seek. Or, to be accurate, multiphony.

      When it was created, it was mainly expected to be used to "fly in" vocals to an existing mix, using the pitch and time change to improve the result. No reason why it can't be used otherwise, but this was the original thinking. (Or so I believe – it was a long time ago). It wasn't conceived as a keyboard-type sampler, but then again…..

      SIMPSAMP or DLYSAMP are lighter modules, so you will be able to get more channels from it. There is little information on them (sorry). Look at 5310-5314 for some example presets using DLYSAMP -there is also a help page for it. SIMPSAMP appears to be pretty experimental, so you would have to work it out for yourself.

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      I have found three modules: "simpsamp, dlysamp and dlysamp2". I can't find helpfiles for them except for "dlysamp". Any of them can save audio data to the CF card as "sampler" does? What is the use of "simpsamp" inpputs called "load" and "save".

      I'm working with preset 5314 "Four Samplers_S" that uses four "dlysamp" modules.

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      Eventide Staff

      Typically, if there is no help file for a module, you should not use it, as it is experimental or otherwise unsupported.

      My understanding is that only SAMPLER saves to a CF card.

      Load and Save in SIMPSAMP appear to load/save the audio data to internal flash memory. I would suggest that you not  use this capability – don't know where it puts it.

      Can't really tell you anything more – probably best that you stick to the documented and supported modules.

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      Do you have plans to give to the "simpsamp" module the capacity to save audio data in the future or this will never happen? Where do you announce new software updates? Newsletter? Facebook? Tweeter?

      This pulls down everything I had planned to do with this unit, I bought it a month ago and I can't return it…. I think you should clarify this when you say that this unit has sampling capabilities because now I have spend a huge amount of money on it that I have been saving for a long time to buy it and I feel as if I had thrown it away………. I'm not angry with you, but I feel a little frustrated as you can understand.

      But I want to clarify that I am not accusing you of misleading advertising, but I think that you should specify this a bit more in your advertising to avoid this type of things, especially considering the amount of money that we are talking about.

      Kind regards

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      Hi David, 

      While as a matter of policy, we do not comment on current
      development projects until formal release announcements are made (these are
      done on eventide.com), we do not have immediate plans to add audio saving
      capability to the simpsamp module, but will add this to the list of feature
      requests which are considered for future upgrades.

      With respect to the way the H8000FW has been marketed, it is
      in no way presented as the end all be all sampler, rather it is an effects
      processor first and foremost, which also allows audio to be sampled internally
      and manipulated as one of its myriad of features. We make no claims
      that the H8000 has multi-voice sampling capabilities or suggest that it should be used as an
      alternative to a keyboard or software-based sampler
       .  If sampling is your
      primary objective, there are plenty of programs and keyboards out there that offer full featured
      sample creation, manipulation, and playback of sound files.

      We hope that somewhere in its 1800 programs that you have
      found useful and creative effects processing to justify your purchase.
      Furthermore, we hope that the inability to store samples in this particular module will not preclude you
      from finding the H8000FW to be an exceptional effects processor and creative
      tool which many owners are quite fond of.

      Best Regards,


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      Thank you for your time, comprension and for considering this on future updates, I will wait for it patiently.

      Best regards

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      I want to return to this old post after some months using the Eventide H7600. As you said, I think I was wrong to try using the Eventide as a multitimbral sampler. Now I use my computer for sequencing and sampling, it's much more convenient. I capture the samples thru the good quality H7600 ADC converters and use the internal sampler to tweak them using it's excelent alghorythms to finally capture them on my computer. Then I sequence the samples there and send them to the H7600 in two separate channels to tweak some midi controlled special effects and mastering. I use it as my audio interface too and the converters are really good, my speakers are conected directly to the XLR outputs and it has become the center of my studio near my computer and speakers. I just can say that it have an enourmous sound, a plenty of very useful presets, an awesome editor, a very easy midi configuration and a good support. This machine is designed to last, a dream come true. Long life to Eventide!!!!!!

      Just a question, What is the best way to connect my computer to the Eventide. I use the spdif in/out on my Motu 828 mk2, is there a better way to comunicate them? How I can get the best audio quality beetween them?

      Another thing, in the near future I want to sell the 828mk2 because I don't want to have such a big and expensive machine to just use it's spdif. I'm not using any of it's other features at all since I got the Eventide. Is there a high quality USB to Spdif or Aes Ebu in/out that you can recommend to get the highest audio quality possible?

      Best regards

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