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In fact, it s about modified program. For ex, Virtual racks presets modified and saved on compact flash ( I only do and save preset on CF to be sure to keep it safe)

I don t use omni mode, I use base +0 and +1 for changing DSP A DSP B separately.

The virtual rack 3* modified have been assigned to program change 6.

If I load the preset on pedalboard with program change 6 on DSP A I have my virtual rack 3* on DSP A .

After this, If I load an other pedalboard preset  with same programe change 6 on DSP A , the H8000 reload the preset virtual rack 3* on DSP A instead of ignoring the PGM change.

But , it seems to have no latency with the sound ( not sure) .

I have an eclipse too ( yeah I m big fan of your damn stuff ) . With the eclipse , any preset already loaded isn t  reloaded again ,when a same program change value has been sent .The eclipse seems to ignore the reload asked by a program change  and that s the best way I think ( no msg on screen and difference on the sound).

Why dont you do it the same thing on H8000 for each DSP ?