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      I ve bought a MFC-101 to control my rig and more precisely my H8000.

      It does perfectly the job.

      BUT, I m really bored by the reload of same preset with PGM change on the 8000.

      In the MFC-101 you can click on the same preset footswitch to have an alternate preset.

      even if I don t make any program change( only CC to have same sound+ boost for lead)) on the alternate preset, when I would like to go back with the original preset, the H 8000 reload the same preset because of the program changes in the original preset.

      This pb force to have latency for any preset change,even with 2 DSPs.

      If I make a first preset with program change (X) on DSP A and (Y) on DSP B and the second preset with PGM change (X) on DSP A and (Z) on DSP B :

      Even if staying on DSP A only in output { only preset (X) sound },PGM on DSP A  will be reload so latency and hasardous sound.

      The only solution at this time for me ,is to delete  program change in the 2 presets , but how can I load for the first time the right preset?

      Without something to block the reload of preset , I dont find solution to have instant preset change  even switching with 2 DSPs.

      so is it planned to fix this on next firmware maybe ? 😛

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       I have V5.6B1 update by the way

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      Eventide Staff

      If a loaded program has not been changed (as shown by no asterisk after its name), a subsequent program change should not reload it.

      If this is not happening, we should should report it as a bug to be fixed in a future release. Can you confirm that this specifically applies to unchanged programs and give some specific examples ?

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      In fact, it s about modified program. For ex, Virtual racks presets modified and saved on compact flash ( I only do and save preset on CF to be sure to keep it safe)

      I don t use omni mode, I use base +0 and +1 for changing DSP A DSP B separately.

      The virtual rack 3* modified have been assigned to program change 6.

      If I load the preset on pedalboard with program change 6 on DSP A I have my virtual rack 3* on DSP A .

      After this, If I load an other pedalboard preset  with same programe change 6 on DSP A , the H8000 reload the preset virtual rack 3* on DSP A instead of ignoring the PGM change.

      But , it seems to have no latency with the sound ( not sure) .

      I have an eclipse too ( yeah I m big fan of your damn stuff ) . With the eclipse , any preset already loaded isn t  reloaded again ,when a same program change value has been sent .The eclipse seems to ignore the reload asked by a program change  and that s the best way I think ( no msg on screen and difference on the sound).

      Why dont you do it the same thing on H8000 for each DSP ?

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      Eventide Staff

      It sounds like it's working the way it is supposed to. Sorry. But, maybe it is not clearing the modified status on files saved to CF – that would be a bug. We'll look into it.

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