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I want to return to this old post after some months using the Eventide H7600. As you said, I think I was wrong to try using the Eventide as a multitimbral sampler. Now I use my computer for sequencing and sampling, it's much more convenient. I capture the samples thru the good quality H7600 ADC converters and use the internal sampler to tweak them using it's excelent alghorythms to finally capture them on my computer. Then I sequence the samples there and send them to the H7600 in two separate channels to tweak some midi controlled special effects and mastering. I use it as my audio interface too and the converters are really good, my speakers are conected directly to the XLR outputs and it has become the center of my studio near my computer and speakers. I just can say that it have an enourmous sound, a plenty of very useful presets, an awesome editor, a very easy midi configuration and a good support. This machine is designed to last, a dream come true. Long life to Eventide!!!!!!

Just a question, What is the best way to connect my computer to the Eventide. I use the spdif in/out on my Motu 828 mk2, is there a better way to comunicate them? How I can get the best audio quality beetween them?

Another thing, in the near future I want to sell the 828mk2 because I don't want to have such a big and expensive machine to just use it's spdif. I'm not using any of it's other features at all since I got the Eventide. Is there a high quality USB to Spdif or Aes Ebu in/out that you can recommend to get the highest audio quality possible?

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