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many thanks for the info again nick.I will try other midi interfaces or some new connections , i am going direct from a fireface 800 midi in and midi out which is the purest midi i have here , i use a midex 8 also but its got shedloads of stuff coming off it but i will isolate 2 channels and try that , i get the same feeling as you but one issue just came up.

I just tried vsig v2 ( oldest one online i can see ) and it doesnt get as far as the newer versions.

I can  ' get ' the database in all versions but in 2 i am getting this error when i try and get the database


Unknown field type  – database is corrupt




and it takes a few clicks to get the warning away as it attempts it seems to do what it cant.

I am guessing its bring up that message for a few attributes when i keep clicking ok.

I guess i could try the final beta version ?  not sure what the database is in the h8000 or how it works myself.

thanks again for the help.