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Home Forums Products Rackmount Does anyone have DS4000 OS roms 2.1 or higher ? Reply To: Does anyone have DS4000 OS roms 2.1 or higher ?


Really? You know that for sure?

If that's right, this is extremely disappointing. I was hoping I'd be able to help organise a production run of OS ROMs with the company's blessing, maybe some sort of licensing deal.

If none of my other avenues pan out, I guess I'll be letting mine go as well. I did read reviews and forum posts before buying it, but I guess the reviewers must have had the latest version, because they all said it did sync. As the manual isn't available anywhere I couldn't check that, although it wouldn't have helped as there's no MIDI implementation chart in it anyway (now that I've seen it). MIDI clock sync was an essential capability for me, and I'm pretty surprised that the last versions of the H3000 could do it, but the new replacement model 4000 could not.

I'd love to get an Orville or something, but I pushed the boat out in buying the DSP, so it will have to be something cheaper like a PCM80 for me.