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I must say that I am very dissapointed to the activeness of this support forum as it took 12 months to get even first reply. 

We ain't talking about massive jumps in volume, but there is a noticeable jump. This is not a problem in home nor studio use, but in live shows it is.

One of my favourite presets is Band Taps and if I have identical presets of which one is bypass and another is the FX on, there is definitely a change in the output volume. The same applies whether I use Relay or FX Bypass. Same is also applicable to other delay presets as well. I have spent hours tweaking all of the volume setting (master and preset -wise) without solution.

For those radical effects which are hardly even recognizeable as guitar, the Eclipse works very well, but the annoying part here is that as much as I love the delay sounds of Eclipse, using it only for delays is not that convenient due to this volume issue. There is some difference between different presets (and algos of course), but it still seems that the overal level drops roughly estimated 2 to 4 dB. This volume drop would not be a problem if the bypass level would be lower immediately, but there is approximately 1sec where the volume is higher and then drops so this is not good solution either. I think the only option to solve this would be that I would be engaging and disengaging only the delay FX on that preset (via CC), but then the amount of "tap-dancing over pedal board" would increase significantly as sometimes I need the FX be engaged immediately as some times disengaged – Not to mention if there is different settings or type of delay to be loaded.

At home, I use TimeFactor (with another Diezel so the loop may be compared) and in this little box the levels do not jump that much. Neither on my other "gig-rig" in which I use TC D-Two for delays and there is no drop in the volume.

In case someone has found good solution to this I would appreciate your valuable input.