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Hey i.ak. You can all break it down to the 50/50 behavior of the mixknob ! Almost all delay presets have no dry signal ( except some time/mod factor algos etc ), so you have to set the global/programm levels to 50/50 ( at least for Seriel and Xfade Routing ) and there it is, the volume drop. That leads to the problem, that when you switch between programs and have "Bypass while PRG CHG" on, you hear the louder 100% dry signal that causes the volume drop. You can switch it to "mute" but then there is a real drop out. Beside that, if you use the XLR Relay Bypass, there is a big loud "Crack" Sound while switching, yes with the right cables. Unacceptable on a bass amp!

Another dirty solution, but for live maybe acceptable:

Take the Mute X Fade Algo, set it to 50/50 and set the Routing to Xfade. This will be your new Bypass Preset.

Now, when you only take on Algo, and save it with xfade Routing, you can adjust/even the level better, there will be no drop out ( beside sometimes crackeling 😡 but thats another story 😉 ! ), and you can create nice Morphing effects. 

Problems there. Only one Algo, Global XFade Time and the Converting Sound+Overall Digital Volume Drop seems to cloud the sound !

This plus a Line Selector for Seriel Routing Programs. 

Anyone ?

What I also don´t understand from the eventide Support ???? !!! Isn´t there anyone in your team who plays the eventide live and can answer us ?!