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E.M Pulinx

I didn't try all the verbs on dispB ,only 5 or 6. I am a  jazz musician, not a tech or engineer.

3 or 4 short verbs are normally heared  thru dispB but the 2 big verbs Black hole and glorious chrs canyon  are not heared thru disp B,only the dry sound,whatever we make on different amps.

One year ago, on dispB, I made pedal assignement to the parameters on the levels page,and it does apply to every prg I recall on dispB ;on the dispB levels page,all is surligned.Should it have an  negative effect on the big reverbs and not on several  shorter ones,like majestic plate ? the midi pedal is set from 28 to 100%, but it does not help :I get only the dry sound..

Should a "delay memory issue"  explain :

a) the bangs ?

b) the fact that  I am unable to set up the big verbs thru dispB ?

If the unit need to go in service,should you be kind enough to precise :

-where it must be send

-the  particular  service and  name of the person in charge

in order  not  to send so an expensive unit   "in the air" somewhere in the firm.