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      E.M Pulinx

      Hi,Nick !

      1) We tried -as suggested by you – to run out  the verbs thru DSPB ,with 4 Channel parallel routings or with one of my derived  user's routing; on DISPA several modulation effects

      :of the users 3 verbs in my user bank, I got only a verb with majestic plate !

      black hole and glorious chorus canyon refused to produce a reverb,even with the levels of 100%!!

      We had only the "dry" sound  of the guitar..

      As for DISPA, certain effects appeared as polyring pre; others didn't appear as "intervallic quad "or "beyond the stars",even with levels to 100% ..only a dry sound  Crying

      2) we did run the long verbs in our studio (black hole and glorious ch canyon) alone in different amps loops, playing studio work with our guitars :on 17Hours total  playing,we had 5 big clacs ,thus one every 3,6H.

       Well,as it does quasi non interfere with studio work, it seems impossible to get this unit on the road,as I hoped !

      I would know if others had the same problem in the past ?


      EMP, guitarist of Hyppolyte Bergamotte Jazz


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi EMP

      Not quite sure I understand. My thought was to run the verbs on DSPB to see if it made a difference. It's not clear whether you are doing this and what happens. Beyond that, it sounds like you have some routing or gain setting issues.

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      E.M Pulinx

      Hi Nick !

      -all levels in/out let on 0dB

      -factory analog A // B

      -disp A thru

      -disp B : running the verbs on dspB ,as you suggested:

      1)black hole   : set on his usual level :28% :only the dry sound is coming, no change if the levels are set higher

      2) glorious chorus canyon :  set on  hisusual level :25% :only the dry sound  is coming, no change if the levels are set higher 

      3)majestic plate :set on his usual level :42% : absolutely normal,we have the normal reverb Indifferent!

      Now, the inverse situation:

      -disp B thru

      -disp A :

      all the  modulation effects put in (ring taps,galaxy borders,beyond the stars,etc) , are coming out  totally normally !

      BANGS :

      2  big verbs :black hole and glorious canyon in our studio ,H8000 only , placed in the loops of different Rivera  and Fender amps

      -on a total running time of 22H45m, we had 5  terrific big bangs ,otherwise all was correct.

      Our studio is set on a automatic voltage regulator,and protected by all means.

      -One month ago,on a total running time of 9H45m of  the verb  "majestic plate" ,we had 0 bangs

      hpe it helps !



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      Eventide Staff

      I think if you are running with A || B and thru you will get a lot of dry signal. Try manually setting up the routing so you only get DSPB.

      Also, when checking for bangs, run with no inputs, otherwise you can't know from where the bangs come (any bang going into  a big reverb will be "effected").

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      E.M Pulinx

      We tried also to put the big verbs on dispB and simultaneously modulations effects on dispA :

      that changed nothing ,just the same results.You could hear the mods effects on dispA and the dry signal with the  2 big verbs on dispB; for a unknown reason, a "normal" verb , like majestic plate could be normally heared

      As for the bangs,we had a big one 3 days ago,as the Amp was on standby :that does imply no inputs ,I suppose?

      Otherwise,we saw the bang while recording on cubase: it is traducted by a short parallel double line on the screen

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      Eventide Staff

      It doesn't sound as if you are able to set it up as I've been asking – it should be possible to hear almost any reverb fully on DSP B.

      So, in the absence of this, I have to assume that it is a delay memory issue, and the unit needs to go for service. Sorry.

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      E.M Pulinx

      I didn't try all the verbs on dispB ,only 5 or 6. I am a  jazz musician, not a tech or engineer.

      3 or 4 short verbs are normally heared  thru dispB but the 2 big verbs Black hole and glorious chrs canyon  are not heared thru disp B,only the dry sound,whatever we make on different amps.

      One year ago, on dispB, I made pedal assignement to the parameters on the levels page,and it does apply to every prg I recall on dispB ;on the dispB levels page,all is surligned.Should it have an  negative effect on the big reverbs and not on several  shorter ones,like majestic plate ? the midi pedal is set from 28 to 100%, but it does not help :I get only the dry sound..

      Should a "delay memory issue"  explain :

      a) the bangs ?

      b) the fact that  I am unable to set up the big verbs thru dispB ?

      If the unit need to go in service,should you be kind enough to precise :

      -where it must be send

      -the  particular  service and  name of the person in charge

      in order  not  to send so an expensive unit   "in the air" somewhere in the firm.

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      E.M Pulinx


      I must apologize !

      I discovered that someone had changed my internal routings !

      dispA out1+ ……..ANA1

      dispA out2+ ……..ANA2

      dispB out3+………ANA3

      dispB out4+……..ANA4

      As resulted, for a big verb with a I/O like 2,2 , nothing happens thru dispB ! Only I/O 2,4 or 2,6 are passing thru.This explains why majestic plate was going thru dispB, with a I/O 2,6 !

      I am not always verifying all the parameters ,sorry ,I should have..

      I'll set analog A//B factory prg 22 ,and we'll see what happens !

      I never asked to you this question :

      could  the machine generate  clics – who degenerate in bangs thru big verbs – by itself ?


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      Eventide Staff

      As I expected …

      What I am looking for is a problem where you get occasional bangs on DSPA, and not with the same preset on DSPB. This is usually a sign of bad delay memory. If this happens, you can get a click from reading the bad memory, which is of course hugely amplified by the effect of the reverb itself. It happens on DSPA rather than DSPB because the demands placed on DSPA are greater.

      If we think this is the case, we can run some tests to confirm before you would have to send it anywhere.

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      E.M Pulinx

       Well understood!

      I created a user routing

      dspB out1+………..ANA1

      dspB out2+……….ANA2

      dspA out3+………..ANA3

      dspA out4+………..ANA4

      so dispA accepts now only the I/o's 2,4 2,6.. and not the I/O 's 2,2 (big verbs 2,2) .The I/O 's 2,2 are now only accepted by disp B.

      I should now read again in the manual,when I get time , how to delete on dspB the pedal volume  assignement  I made in the past to the parameters on the levels page,cause it does apply to every prgs of dispB, and I don't want pedal vol assignement on the verbs !

      I will run tests and I'll let you know !

      PS  is it possible to prevent someone to reach to my internal routings ?


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