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E.M Pulinx


I must apologize !

I discovered that someone had changed my internal routings !

dispA out1+ ……..ANA1

dispA out2+ ……..ANA2

dispB out3+………ANA3

dispB out4+……..ANA4

As resulted, for a big verb with a I/O like 2,2 , nothing happens thru dispB ! Only I/O 2,4 or 2,6 are passing thru.This explains why majestic plate was going thru dispB, with a I/O 2,6 !

I am not always verifying all the parameters ,sorry ,I should have..

I'll set analog A//B factory prg 22 ,and we'll see what happens !

I never asked to you this question :

could  the machine generate  clics – who degenerate in bangs thru big verbs – by itself ?