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E.M Pulinx

 Well understood!

I created a user routing

dspB out1+………..ANA1

dspB out2+……….ANA2

dspA out3+………..ANA3

dspA out4+………..ANA4

so dispA accepts now only the I/o's 2,4 2,6.. and not the I/O 's 2,2 (big verbs 2,2) .The I/O 's 2,2 are now only accepted by disp B.

I should now read again in the manual,when I get time , how to delete on dspB the pedal volume  assignement  I made in the past to the parameters on the levels page,cause it does apply to every prgs of dispB, and I don't want pedal vol assignement on the verbs !

I will run tests and I'll let you know !

PS  is it possible to prevent someone to reach to my internal routings ?