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Funny, I come here a year later looking for same answers and it appears there are none.  I can distill this issue further yet.  The  (front panel bypass) bypassed signal is significantly louder (I would say 5 dB) than the unbypassed signal  on every preset.   The amount by which this volume changes is dicated by the global wet mix.  Set the global wet/ dry to 0 and there is no volume change.  Set it to 100 and there is a big volume jump, simply by hitting bypass.  I have messed with this issue for several years to no avail.  The problem is, you can't bump up the levels of the presets (only down) so you can't raise their levels to equal the bypassed signal.  I think this is simply a major design flaw that has never been addressed.  Changing the global levels changes both the bypassed & unbypassed signals so there is no help there.  Using relay bypass should solve but that only works for XLR I/O and I'm using unbalanced in a rack full of guitar gear.  Bottom line: if you bypass your presets (or blocks), your going to get a BIG bump in level.  How much depends on your global wet/ dry setting.  Effectively, unless, I am missing something, this renders the Eclipse useless in a live setting unless you use it unbypassed at all times (IE it your only device).  VERY frustrating… 

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