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I'm sure ur quite busy and didnt have time to read what i wrote. And since Im from Norway I guess my english is so poor its hard to understand.

I was referring to what you said in the earlier post here: " You can dump them individually as sigfiles (with Vsig for example)."

When I try to dump them individually, VSIG crashes.

I can also elaborate again to make sure you dont misunderstand me, by dumping the presets I mean:

1) Copy the programs 1 by 1 through the com cable into VSIG

2) Export the presets/programs 1 by 1.

3) Download the presets/programs from the orville to the VSIG program.

4) Use a com cable between Eventide Orville Harmonzer and a computer with VSIG installed, activating "Dump program" within the eventide, with VSIG on the recieving end, (like with all other software you can dump from the eventide) and you see the working animation in VSIG. After 50% progress or so VSIG crashes. This doesnt happen with all other functions, VSIG downloads and stores this fine.

Since my guitar buddy spent so insanely much money to buy this machine from you, I was hoping for some help.