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Hi Nick,

totally understand that a company must make money to survive and if revenues are shrinking in one segment it surely makes sense to shift capacities to other domains that deliver them.On the other hand developing a H9 is not in line with your arguments.

I mean soundwise it cannot really be compared to the latest harmonizers, but from an engineering and architectural point of view it surely outperforms my h7000 in most aspects.

I was curious and bought one to find out what it could for me but there were several issues. First one is that there is no way to combine i.e. a space and a modfactor preset. To do this I would need two units, one running the space and the other the modfactor preset. I could probably live with the idea to purchase two units as it would be cheaper than buying an Eclipse if your designers had only thought about having a digital i/o such that you could connect the two units w/o the need for two times an AD conversion.

Second point being that I was not able to deep dive and do my own algorithms. I sold my Eclipse to have a H7000 therefore, now that would be a step back. Apart from that I am not really into shelling out 20$ for a preset that I have in the H7000 already, not being able to transfer my in-app purchases being another.

If you are clever you would follow other companies like UAUDIO in a sense that the H9 is sort of the Eventide Solo DSP card and to make it scalable like they did with Duo, Quad and Octo. Call  the more powerful H18,H36 and H72, add an algorithm editor on the big ones and I am sold. That could be a hardware platform that consumer and pros could use alike while consolidating hardware and plugins.