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factory routings

Look in the UM under "Storing and Loading Routing Configurations"


I couldn't find the Routing Utility

Look on the H8000 Support Page


What do I do internally with the other In as specified in the identifier '24'?

In this case you could route your mono in to both DSP A 1 and 2.


In this case there are 4 outs

Each main output can have two mixed signals. So, you could mix your 4 DSP outputs to a stereo final output. But note that a 24 preset is probably meant to be used with a quad output – no reason why you should not mix it to stereo if you like the results, but …

So, to conclude, I recommend:

1) Study of the routing section in the UM.

2) Study of the factory routing presets

3) Use of the Routing Utility.

Orville is a complex and sophisticated box, and the flexibility of its routing capabilities can appear difficult until you "get the idea."