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I tested the Eclipse Remote with Orville and it looks like it could work with a few minor adjustments:

1. Since the screen on the H8000/H7600/Orville series is much taller than the Eclipse, the info gets squashed into the Eclipse-sized screen on the Eclipse Remote. However, all the data is there and the hot buttons are in the right place, so it's probably just a matter of adjusting the scale of the screen to match the H8000/H7600/Orville series.

2.  In order to be fully functional for the H8000/H7600/Orville series, an iOS remote would need all four arrow keys to navigate in four directions (up, down, left, right) on the screen so that one can make adjustments to the larger number of accessible parameters.

3. When loading a new program or switching pages, the Eclipse Remote takes longer to refresh its screen with the H8000/H7600/Orville series than it does with the Eclipse, perhaps because it takes longer to send and receive the larger bitmap screens (Orville keeps giving me messages about the size of the bitmap screen that is being sent to Eclipse Remote). If this could be sped up so that it's closer to the refresh rate encountered when working with the Eclipse, it would be more useful.

In sum, it seems as if the Eclipse Remote is just a few tweaks away from working with all of the current Eventide rack units. That would be a huge leap forward for Eventide users of every stripe.