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      Now available in the App Store.

      The Eclipse Remote Control app allows you to remotely control an Eventide Eclipse using either an iPhone or iPad running iOS 5 or above.

      Key-presses can be sent from the app to the Eclipse and the Eclipse display is mirrored onto the apps display.

      The app supports network midi over WIFI or Bluetooth and uses Bonjour to find any network midi connections on the local network. 

      The app also supports any Core Audio compliant midi interface connected to the device.

      The app works by sending midi commands for the button presses to the Eclipse, it then sends a command to get the screen data from the Eclipse and displays an image of it. 

      The app supports landscape and portrait on the iPad. Portrait is not supported on the iPhone.


      The Encoder on the Eclipse is not supported due to limitations in the Eclipse Sysex.

      There are some limitations in how the eclipse display is displayed in the app. 

      For example if you are in the modulation setup and you have a source of an LFO, on the actual Eclipse display you will see a bar-graph animating with the varying value, you will not see this on the app display. The reason for this is that the the screen data is transmitted over midi Sysex and this is too slow to show these sorts of animations.

      Details, images and video here: EclipseRemote

      App Store:…814413514?mt=8

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      Thanks so much for creating this incredibly useful iOS app for the Eclipse! It does everything it's advertised to do with ease. I've tested it thoroughly and it works great. With my Eclipse tucked away in a rack on the other side of the room, I can now select different presets and make adjustments from my desk using Eclipse Remote. This is a must buy for every Eclipse owner! 

      Any chance we will see something similar for other Eventide rack fx? An iOS app to control Orville or GTR4000 would be amazing!

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      Thanks for the post, I'm glad it works well for you.

      Concerning the Orville, the Eclipse app may well work with it. I haven't got one here to test with but you could give it a go to see if it works.

      It May also work with the GTR4000 as well if you give it a go.



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      I tested the Eclipse Remote with Orville and it looks like it could work with a few minor adjustments:

      1. Since the screen on the H8000/H7600/Orville series is much taller than the Eclipse, the info gets squashed into the Eclipse-sized screen on the Eclipse Remote. However, all the data is there and the hot buttons are in the right place, so it's probably just a matter of adjusting the scale of the screen to match the H8000/H7600/Orville series.

      2.  In order to be fully functional for the H8000/H7600/Orville series, an iOS remote would need all four arrow keys to navigate in four directions (up, down, left, right) on the screen so that one can make adjustments to the larger number of accessible parameters.

      3. When loading a new program or switching pages, the Eclipse Remote takes longer to refresh its screen with the H8000/H7600/Orville series than it does with the Eclipse, perhaps because it takes longer to send and receive the larger bitmap screens (Orville keeps giving me messages about the size of the bitmap screen that is being sent to Eclipse Remote). If this could be sped up so that it's closer to the refresh rate encountered when working with the Eclipse, it would be more useful.

      In sum, it seems as if the Eclipse Remote is just a few tweaks away from working with all of the current Eventide rack units. That would be a huge leap forward for Eventide users of every stripe.

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      Please tell me you are working on a Eclipse control app for OSX.

      I have no iOS device, nor will I be able to afford one in the near future.

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      Great app!  Would it be possible to add a "touch strip" or similar interface to allow users to change Parameter values quickly in lieu of knob control?  Or some creative way of generating parameter values that doesn't require inputting specific numerical values? 

      Thanks for the consideration…and great work!


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      Unfortunately this is not easy, there is no way of modifying the selected parameter other than via the numeric keys.

      The only way would be to reverse engineer all the sysex commands for every parameter of every effect and create a full blown editor, this would be a major piece of work.

      It is possible in the future that a second screen could be added where you could have slider or knobs to control any parameter mapped to the general external controllers 1-8.



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      Surprisingly, according to the head engineer, I'm told there are no sysex commands to reverse-engineer.  What there is is already on the the support site, so it must just be the button-presses and whatever else is in that document.  MIDI CC can be assigned to almost anything, but apparently there is nothing pre-assigned.  Not sure how this interfaces with the syses seq out option, but it didn't sound from them like it changed much…


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      Eventide Staff

      Theoretically you could use the SEQ commands for a sysex remote control. But, these are undocumented and likely to remain so (complicated). They will vary from alg to alg, and would have to be deduced – there is no simple way to calculate them – they were designed to be recorded by MIDI sequencers. See UM p.49

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      Hi Guys,


      Version 1.2 is available in the AppStore now.

      This contains IOS 9 support and 16 sliders for sending CCs to the Eclipse.

      The DSP series, H series and Orville are also now supported.







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