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This is exactly what it is all about!

Eventide has taken the challenge to adopt to nowadays technologies and in a sense did well with the H9 ( although I don't agree to their idea of the algo business).

Now here you have the H9 users arriving in the 21st century with their product and you have the guys over here that discuss shelling out 5k for a unit that is sure a professional tool but interface wise stuck somewhere in 1999.

Eventide has made a decision to push hard on the consumer side of business. Ok. But clearly that price has been paid by the pro domain with less innovation and very little improvements you see on the "our" side.

Even geeks like me realize that a full Ipad or PC/Mac integration with modern applications on top is the bottom line today. Come on, even 80$ stompboxes like the series from TC have a USB integration and an Ipad editor.

I am ok if Eventide would not be considering to totally redesign the audio engine, the user interface and  connectivity + Vsig need to be modernized asap! Why should I shell out 1800 USD for a EVE/NET when the H9 users get the same thing on Ipad/Android for way less? A wifi connected Ipad is on my console anyway….

I think you are slowly running out of arguments, especially as you prove us that you are able to innovate and lead if you want to….So the question in fact is, where is Eventide heading to in the pro market?