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Ok so i just got everything up and running properly finally.. il give a quick overview of the setup for future reference if anyones interested.. The issue was the midi connection. It seems midi drivers for hardware through VMware are currently not quick enough to handle a proper connection with the h8000, so the best bet is the Keyspan USA-19HS usb to serial adapter which is specifically meant for higher transfer speeds.. once its hooked up u need to download the correct drivers for windows and also open your usb device settings in vmware settings page and enable the usb adapter, then configure the comms page in vsig to match the h8000.. For my iMac the port was COM3 but you can use the serial adapter assistant which is part of the driver download package (u can find the assistant in the all programs section off the windows start area) to see which port is assigned to the USB adapter. Once Vsig is set to reflect this and the settings in the comms page match those on your h8000 you should be good to go.. If you have any midi cables connected to the midi out on the h8000, youl need to remove them (or maybe just disable midi) for your computer to be able to receive data properly from the h8000.. for some reason even if you use serial in the comms settings, it only sends info to the harmonizer via serial, and the harmonizer will try to send info back via midi if there is cables connected to the midi output..