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still no luck, here is what i am doing — yosemite, open a browser (chrome, safari, firefox) & load http://www.eventide.com … select audio & broadcast, then products, then H8000FW .. on the h8000fw page, then select the page "h8000fw support" in the top right navigation.

the h8000fw support page loads and shows all the drivers, documentation, etc. the ONLY links that i can click are the three PDFs at the top, the umpty-odd "login" or registration links, and the routing utilities & assorted PDFs at the bottom. i need the v5.6.1 for mac so .. 

so i click the "login" link, i get a login dialog, which i complete and hit enter .. this takes me back to the main page of eventide.com .. i retrace my steps to the support page, it is still exactly as described above, same as before. no links to the drivers, just to login & pdfs.

the only difference is that the top right corner of the page now says that i am logged in .. and obviously i can post to the forum. i just re-did all of these steps after clearing the caches in safari — no luck. is there something really obvious that i have missed ??? is it possible the login script is funky and not recognizing me ? 

thanks very much, looking forward —