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Hi Azo,

I had one from another manufacturer before and the driver support was miserable. Funny enough on my search for working Win7 64 bit driver someone suggested that I could try the Prolific drivers as most of the adaptors out there would be just relabeled Prolifics anyway – and it did the job.

Anyway, since the adaptor didn't have the right screws to put it tightly on the serial port of my Harmonizer I changed over to a LogiLink adaptor simply because my local hardware dealer had those on sale. Now that thing seems also to be just a relabeled Prolific.

I mean, I cannot really complain. t kind of works. I can do the VSIG stuff and so on but like I wrote the connection app just crashes while transmitting the info to the Harmonizer or vice versa so I think there must be some incompatibility with either the driver or the hardware.

Looking at the Prolific Homepage I can see that there are about 6 different subtypes of USB serial adaptors. Can you tell me which one of them you use? Appreciated…