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Nikos, I understand the differences of a line mixer and a switcher. My point is just this- the Eclipse colors the sound of my guitar when it's being bypassed, something I'm sure it's not supposed to do. It's not that this is my first 'real' processor, but I've got other units in my rig that cost 1/4 as much and when they are bypassed there is zero coloring of the signal path. 

Just seems odd I should buy another piece of gear to allow my most expensive piece of gear to function probably. Not a money thing, just an observation. I'm not opposed to doing so since I do understand the benefits, I'm just trying to solve this issue before moving on to that one.

The part I struggle with is I never had this issue with my old H3000 or any other unit, so I'm perplexed. I've borrowed an H9 in the same configuration and didn't have this happen. Unsure if the Eclipse just really isn't designed for a guitar rig, or if something is malfunctioning.

It's in the FX loop of my ENGL 530 preamp- a stereo preamp that I use with a Mesa/Boogie stereo power amp.

I'm just trying to sort out the bypassing issue. From what I've read, there should be a way to bypass the unit when not in use, but all of them are coloring the through sound when it's bypassed. It does it in my studio and in my rig. Possibly using analog in and digital out, possibly something else. Dunno; I've reached out to Eventide for some assistance.

Thanks for the input on mixers. Will check em out with those I've looked into in the past.