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So that being said who has a midi controlable mixer to mix the two 7600’s together to create blending and spill over Or is there even such a thing. It also would have to resend midi change signals to each 7600 I did testing when the 7600 recieve’s even the same # it looses the efffect and resets it the deay of the echo is lost. One thing that would help me to avoid having 2 units for now would be able to control the feed back of a delay having it at 97% then with a pedal be able to back off slowly to 70 %  I am using a Behringer midi foot controller pedal FCB 1010 to change my effects but to assign a Control Change to a parameter of a effect is beyond me The VSIG interface is not user friendly but truly the most advanced. It is rocket science to me. The Eventide 7600 has the most percise and accurate sound of any effect’s processor there is on the planet. I just wish I could get this mixing or spillover of the effects and to be able to assign control to certain aspects of the effect easily.