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cc51503 wrote:
Hope I can help. I have a dsx running in the loop of my peavey 5150II head with great results. My loop is -10db so I had to switch out two jumpers in the unit to change it from line level to -10db this will depend on your amps loop.. As far as the cables just use three pin xlr to unbalanced 1/4. Rewire pin three as the hot pin and pin two as cold …..swap the two in other words….and thats it. Mine sounds excellent……gets a strong input signal as it should.

Greatly appreciate your response, thank you! I was indeed able to get things operating correctly.  I ended up getting 4 XLR to TRS (2 females/2 males), rewired pins 2 and 3 and have it running it through my amp effectively through a Rane SM26B.  Very pleased with the results.  

Thank you again for your time and response!