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Eventide Staff

Sorry you are having problems.

1. Is this a bug or am a doing something wrong? What does this message mean?

You're not doing anything wrong. This is a catchall message meaning that something bad happened. It may result from a bug or from a hardware fault – alas I cannot tell. I cannot duplicate it. If you can find a sequence of events from powerup that causes this, I could tell you more, but this may take time.

2. I want to store a combination of presets dsp A and B and if I am correct I can only do this bij using routing storage

I'm not sure what you mean by "routing storage." From the rest of the paragraph I assume you are referring to loading and saving SETUPS, which are not the same as routings (see UM p.137). This confusion may be what is causing your problem. Again, it works fine for me (naturally).

You imply that it only happens with preset 5710, so this may be associated with the problem above. There may be issues with the two versions of 5710 (monolithic and non-monolithic), so this might be worth looking into.

3. If a use a midi controller and sending midi cc for remote control

The bypass function toggles under MIDI control. It's designed to be used as if it were driven by a switch that sends 127 (actually 64-127) when pressed, and 0 (actually 0-63) when released.

This means that if you sent it a 127, you have to send it a zero before it will recognize the next 127. Why this is, is lost in the mists of time.