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Okay and thanks. 

1. The bus error is very unpredictable. If I find a structural behaviour I’ll let you know.

2. Yes I try to save a set up because I believe it is the only way to save a combination of program A and program B? I am not talking about monolithic programs! I’ve figured out that everything works fine if I use non edited factory programs. If I edit one of the programs (lets say A) and save and rename it and then I am using set up to save this new combination/routing (A edited, B factory preset) I get the message “program can’t be (re) loaded. Same thing happens if I edit both A and B. So my conclusion is that loading and saving set ups works fine as long as I use the factory presets for dsp A and B. If I edit just one parameter, 1 step and save and rename as userpreset the program can’t be loaded. I’ve tried to save the edited preset to card and to internal but this makes no difference. Can you try this? If needed I can sent you the sysex files of the edited presets?

3. I will try. Thanks. Do you know if this is the case for remoting the bypass or for other remotes as well? Like putting effects on/off in the rigs?

If I am not clear enough pleas tell me. English is not my native language….smiley