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M-Goldie wrote:

I understand the display having a small amount of CPU allocated but it still seems like unnacceptable performance to me – at the moment when selecting presets I can click the ‘down’ button, it waits half a sec then jumps two or three presets down rather than one. Surely this is not correct behaviour? I think I’ll try and video the problem and post a link so Nick can see the issue.

I’m wondering if down grading the OS to the previous (non beta) version might help?

I totally agree that it doesn’t seem normal. But there are lot’s of people who are not bothered by it. I should know, my background is application development and I’ve watched countless end users sit behind abnormally laggy screens without complaint. But there is a percentage (10%-20%) that go nuts over this stuff. I’m one of them. However, if/when applications are made reasonably fast (normal to us), all the users who never complained suddenly notice the difference!

Anyhow, if it skips over presets, then that would have to be a bug IMO.

And here’s a video on the H8000. There are only a few parts where he uses the up/down buttons:


As you can see, it’s laggy. Same with the wheel operation.

Keep in mind, the farther down you are in the list, the slower it gets. The start is somewhat tolerable, but the tail-end is unbearable. Having a page up/page down key would make it a lot easier.

I also have a video that I emailed support and they didn’t think much of it.