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Jake Bell

After booting up Logic X and testing the 4500 through the whole set up again

the 4500 boots, gives the error message – “problem in 4500 presets – bad checksum

but then gives the “continue” button to push.

ordinarily in the case I could push the continue button

and at least the presets worked

now a new situation

There is no sound signal or sign of any sound moving the meters on the 4500

I do see one very important reason for this

I have the Eventide routed through the back of TC Electronic Ex. soundcard

using sp/dif cables..and set up for this in the TC panel

On Logic I have them routed through the channels 15 and 16

it usualy shows up saying “15 – small room- (4s snare chamber ) and 16 Large Room (3.9 Prince Large Hall )

I notice that the channel 16 large room (3/9 Prince Large Hall ) does not appear in the menu..only channel 15

First thoughts are this might be a problem in the cable even

Nteh question is could something have happened  after “pushing the “8” button to “clear all”

or maybe the problem is in the Eventide…In any case if you have any further suggestions on this I would greatly appreciate it

any suggestions will narrow down where to isolate the problem

so that at least i can tell a repaier man what your analysis is. Many thanks once again!

j Bell