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      Jake Bell


      My DSP 4500 Eventide has recently delivered error messages and will not boot up

      beyong the panel giving these error codes.

      the message states: write down these cdes and reboot







      3 months ago I had posted here and tried the suggestion you gave/

      I decided after tests you suggested that the problem must ne internal

      You suggested sending the 4500 in for repair however

      I am in Crimea Russia and this would be very difficult sending ftom here

      especially considering mailing and “sanctions”. Is it possible for me

      to take the information you suggest and find a professional repair man here

      or perhaps you have repair service and/or parts  in Moscow?

      If at all posible there is a way to use the Internet

      and repair services here and/or Moscow if possible I would be very grateful

      also one last thing: I was also getting an error message leadig up the recent one

      saying that the battery needed replacing in the external memory card.

      Thanks very much in advance for your assitance.

      J Bell

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      Eventide Staff

      Do these messages occur with the card in the slot ? If so, remove it.

      The battery in the card only lasts a few years, so it sounds like it needs changing.

      For the bad checksum problem, you could try a "clear all" (8 key held down at startup).

      But, since the battery that power the internal ram only last about 8-10 years, this may need replacing as well. These are hard to find.

      Of course, given the number of errors, you may still have some hardware problem.  It wouldn't hurt if you had a local tech look at it.


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      Jake Bell

      Ok I tried your suggestions. I removed the user memory card from the slot and just checked what that would do..

      but still got as far as the point descibed above …then I rebooted and held down the “8” key

      and it worked ..this brought up the “welcome to the DSP 4500” menu page and then access to all menus from there.

      I wonder could the bad battery in the memory card cause this “back checksum” error message in the interanl RAM?

      by clearing all” what does that do for the “bad checksum” or “Internal RAM” problem given in the error message?

      Are you saying there is a battery for the Internal RAM also that lasts 8 /10 years?

      if they are hard to find…where might I find one as a back up ?

      I’ll let you know if something else happens in th next few days..

      Thanks very much for your help!

      J Bell



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      Jake Bell

      One more observation:

      Now, when i boot up. it gives me the one error message in boot up that says:

      “problem in 4500 presets – bad checksum”

      then gives the “continue” button to push

      when pushed…it now goes to the “welcome to the 4500 ” menue page after “clearing all”

      do you think the remaining problen could be bad battery for the Internal Ram?

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      Jake Bell

      After booting up Logic X and testing the 4500 through the whole set up again

      the 4500 boots, gives the error message – “problem in 4500 presets – bad checksum

      but then gives the “continue” button to push.

      ordinarily in the case I could push the continue button

      and at least the presets worked

      now a new situation

      There is no sound signal or sign of any sound moving the meters on the 4500

      I do see one very important reason for this

      I have the Eventide routed through the back of TC Electronic Ex. soundcard

      using sp/dif cables..and set up for this in the TC panel

      On Logic I have them routed through the channels 15 and 16

      it usualy shows up saying “15 – small room- (4s snare chamber ) and 16 Large Room (3.9 Prince Large Hall )

      I notice that the channel 16 large room (3/9 Prince Large Hall ) does not appear in the menu..only channel 15

      First thoughts are this might be a problem in the cable even

      Nteh question is could something have happened  after “pushing the “8” button to “clear all”

      or maybe the problem is in the Eventide…In any case if you have any further suggestions on this I would greatly appreciate it

      any suggestions will narrow down where to isolate the problem

      so that at least i can tell a repaier man what your analysis is. Many thanks once again!

      j Bell

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      Jake Bell

      apologies for so many posts..

      one more thing I see

      when I look under the global Routing button on Eventde

      there is no sign of the sp/dif connection…I’m checking the manual now

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      Jake Bell

      ok once again, I just checked the manual and under set up noticed that when I

      “cleared all” it also cleared the routing set up.

      now there is signal

      I still get the error message at boot up

      “problem with 4500 presets -bad checksum

      but…presets work even though I’ve noticed sometimes

      that when i change to otehr oresets I sometimes get feedback.

      I have one more question..hope you have patience

      the question is about the best way to route the 4500 through logic using virtual plugins

      as I mentioend it is being routed through s[/dof bus channels 15 and 16

      that seem to automatically show up in aux tracks when a new track is made

      but there is also the option to route through assigning busses 1 and 2 separately

      on aux tracks that rae routng the sp/dif 15 and 16 of the Eventide

      I do notice sound quality differences and wonder what is the best way ti route the 4500

      in logic ? is there a preferred way for best sound quality? Thanks again very much

      U guess the outstanding question still is…why do I get the rror emssage

      saying :problem with 4500 presets – bad checksum”

      is it an Internal battery issue ( battery going bad )

      and if so where may I look for this hard to find battery?

      Thanks again!



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      Eventide Staff

      Pushing the 8 button to clear all will return the unit to factory defaults, so you will have to manually re-establish the previous settings.

      I'm a little puzzled by the "Bad checksum in presets" message, as this means there is a problem with the presets in internal flash memory. If you have the last update, you could try re-updating the unit. We no longer have updates for these old units. You could also take the top off, and wiggle the flash memory board to clean the contacts, but there is a risk of breaking something. If all the presets are OK, I recommend that you ignore this message, rather than doing the above.

      The battery is actually a combined sram and battery, BQ4013YMA-120. This is available from Texas Instruments suppliers, but given the political situation, you may find this hard to get.

      I would suggest that you change the battery in the card, as this can corrupt the data on the card and sonetimes crash the unit if not in good shape.



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      Jake Bell

      qhwn I first got it..originally the 4500 was shipped a long ways…from California to Moscow and then by train down to Crimea.

      when it arrived…the faceplate where the rackmount screws go in was bent back at a 45 degree angke s

      whatever hading it got to bend a 1/8″ inch steel plate of steel must have been severe. We thought it woukd work at all when it booted up

      but it worked. There may be some dammage unknown as of yet..but I would like to takw the top off sometime and check

      if there is an actual slot when the battery ir ram goes in this very well could have been loosened in the shipment..

      If you culd kindly tell me where to look for it. These ebentides will be sued 20years form now as there is no comoarison to

      pjugun reverb of other effects..I would buy the battery in America and just ahve it sipped to my brother.

      many thanks for support. J Bell

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      Eventide Staff

      Once you get the battery ram you will see where it goes. It looks like an overweight IC. There is only one of them on the board.


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