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Jake Bell

ok once again, I just checked the manual and under set up noticed that when I

“cleared all” it also cleared the routing set up.

now there is signal

I still get the error message at boot up

“problem with 4500 presets -bad checksum

but…presets work even though I’ve noticed sometimes

that when i change to otehr oresets I sometimes get feedback.

I have one more question..hope you have patience

the question is about the best way to route the 4500 through logic using virtual plugins

as I mentioend it is being routed through s[/dof bus channels 15 and 16

that seem to automatically show up in aux tracks when a new track is made

but there is also the option to route through assigning busses 1 and 2 separately

on aux tracks that rae routng the sp/dif 15 and 16 of the Eventide

I do notice sound quality differences and wonder what is the best way ti route the 4500

in logic ? is there a preferred way for best sound quality? Thanks again very much

U guess the outstanding question still is…why do I get the rror emssage

saying :problem with 4500 presets – bad checksum”

is it an Internal battery issue ( battery going bad )

and if so where may I look for this hard to find battery?

Thanks again!