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Jake Bell

qhwn I first got it..originally the 4500 was shipped a long ways…from California to Moscow and then by train down to Crimea.

when it arrived…the faceplate where the rackmount screws go in was bent back at a 45 degree angke s

whatever hading it got to bend a 1/8″ inch steel plate of steel must have been severe. We thought it woukd work at all when it booted up

but it worked. There may be some dammage unknown as of yet..but I would like to takw the top off sometime and check

if there is an actual slot when the battery ir ram goes in this very well could have been loosened in the shipment..

If you culd kindly tell me where to look for it. These ebentides will be sued 20years form now as there is no comoarison to

pjugun reverb of other effects..I would buy the battery in America and just ahve it sipped to my brother.

many thanks for support. J Bell