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thanks for this!! i think it was you, as well, who corrected the Reich Loops preset for me, too… very appreciative.

is there an easy explanation on how to make the new connections via the front panel? or is it easier for me to un-rack the H8000 from the studio and bring it into the house to the PC and load the new file? from the looks of it, it may be easier to just bring the  unit into the house.. but if there is an easy front panel fix, let me know…




nickrose wrote:

You are right – its a bug. Pitch1 is connected to all the shifters, while pitch2-4 control out are unconnected. Presumably pitch1 should be connected to pitchshift1, pitch2 to pitchshift2, etc.

I’ve attached a fixed version  – you will need to change it to .sig, and then use Vsig to send it to the unit. Or, alternatively, you can make the changes with the front panel ptach editor.